How To Lose Weight... In Just 21 Days

With Healthy Living Expert Dr. Fab Mancini

Why Do Most Weight Loss Programs Fail? 

Successful weight loss really just comes down to two essential components.  Unfortunately most weight loss programs only focus on diet and exercise.   That thinking is so common you probably even thought those were the two components.

What You Do Must Be Combined With What You Think To Acheive Lasting Success

We know that we must move our bodies and eat better, but so many continue to struggle no matter how hard they try. Mindset is the thinking behind your actions and is where we have found that you can succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

4 Keys for Successful Weight Loss

  • Decide the time is NOW.   Its most important to just get started even if your efforts are not perfect.
  • Have a simple way to get the right nutrients in your body and exercise a little more.   Its better to make little positive improvements everyday and keep at them than to try and make big changes and fail.
  • See yourself at your ideal weight and stop feeling guilty.
  • Get a support system.   As humans we need each other. Be part of something positive and stay plugged into it consistently for the encouragement and edification we need from each other.  

There is so much more I would like to share with you.

 That's why I created my 21 Day Mindset Training Program and Weight Loss Challenge

 Whats Included in My Weight Loss System

You have to have the right tools, so I took the guess work out of it and put together this amazing package.

Practical Nutrition

Nutrition has to be practical and must taste good. I am sharing with you my favorite weight management kit which contains products I use myself that will give you over 100 whole food ingredients and a great tasting protein. The best part is that it is in powder form so it is easy to take and easy for the body to absorb. The kit also includes a BURN supplement that helps speed up metabolism in a natural healthy way and a CLEANSE supplement that helps gently rid the body of toxins.

Expert Guidance

Everyday you will receive tips on nutrition, exercise and mindset. You will have me as your personal mentor and will also have one of America's leading fitness experts, Peter Neilsen, as your fitness coach.

Community Engagement 

You will be part of a PRIVATE Facebook group that will be your source of daily support and  accountability.

You Can Do This!! Your not alone We Will Get There Together.​

Start Your Challenge Now!! Connect With a Me and My Team

I  want to  actively engage with you from the very beginning because I know that its key to your success.  If your ready to get started Click Below and enter your information.  I will have a member of my coaching team connect with you. 

Its easy to stick with even on my most stressful days.. I've never felt better

"As a business owner that leads a very busy life I’ve struggled to keep weight off and I need something simple that I can do consistently. Dr. Fab’s system has been so great and I’ve lost about 15 pounds so far. What I love most is the mental clarity I feel taking Zeal and how easy it is to stick with even on my most stressful days.. I’ve never felt better.."

Dustin Randle - Dallas, Texas

Just by adding Zeal to my day, I lost 20lbs and have energy to feel amazing all day!

"As a Health Coach, I love the simplicity of Zeal! Just by adding Zeal to my day, I lost 20lbs and have energy to feel amazing all day! I recommend it to all my clients!"

Karen Aycock - Dallas, Texas

I'm beyond impressed with my 30 day results and inches I've lost.

"I started taking Zeal because I couldn't sleep and I had tried EVERYTHING! I have not had to take any sleeping aides since April 18th, when I started using Zeal daily but a benefit I hadn't seen coming was the incredible inch loss! These are my 30 day Zeal results and they are BRILLIANT!!

1 1/4 inch from my waist  1 1/2 inch from my hips  1/2 inch from my glutes  and 1 inch from my thighs"

Rainy Mitchell - Frisco, Texas

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